Lecithin, as normal component in human nutrition or as dietary supplement, has been attributed with a wide range of health benefits. As lecithin has the potential to bring down high cholesterol levels, it may protect against heart attacks and strokes. It is also believed that lecithin will improve memory function. Lecithin is sold as supplement that allegedly helps to lose weight, and actors in porn movies use lecithin to increase ejaculate volume.

Lecithin is a component of a number of foods, and it is widely attributed with certain positive effects on one's health.

Many of the positive effects of lecithin consumption are based on the fact that lecithin is a major source of choline. Choline is a lipotropic substance which functions in the body's metabolism as an agent that aids in the digestion of fats. It is believed that choline helps the body to burn fat, and thereby acts as agent supporting weight loss. As choline increases fat metabolism it has been shown that it lowers blood cholesterol. As is commonly known, a wide range of health problems are connected to blood cholesterol levels deemed too high. High blood cholesterol leads to a congestion of blood vessels and therefore is often an important factor in heart attacks and strokes.

As it supports fat metabolism and has been shown to aid in bringing down high blood cholesterol levels, lecithin can be considered a food component that protects against heart attack and stroke.

Choline also is a part of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. A sufficient intake of choline, primarily via the consumption of lecithin, is believed to have a positive effect on some mental functions, especially those connected to memory.

As mentioned above, lecithin is among the best sources of choline. Lecithin that is sold as supplement has usually been extracted from soy beans. Another prime source of lecithin is egg yolk. Choline is manufactured by the body from the amino acid glycine.

Eggs, of course, have a longstanding reputation to support sexual functions. The reason may be the lecithin content of egg yolk, as lecithin not only is a precursor to choline but also a component in sperm. Actors in porn movies allegedly consume lecithin (either as eggs or in the form of lecithin supplements) to make sure that they discharge impressive sperm loads when the movie's director requests this.